U-Pull-and-Pay VIP Club Membership Program

Terms and Conditions

The U-Pull-And-Pay (“UPAP”) VIP Club Membership Program (“Program” – previously the U-Pull-&-Pay Parts Perks Rewards Program) is a promotional program offered by U-Pull-And-Pay, LLC, a Pull-A-Part Company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Pull-A-Part, LLC (“PAP”), as a benefit to customers of both PAP and UPAP. Participation in the Program is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Any participation in the Program constitutes an agreement to these Terms and Conditions.


  1. General.Enrollment in the Program allows participants to earn VIP Rewards that are redeemable for future qualifying purchases at participating UPAP locations (“Program Participants”). VIP Rewards are issued as store credit (displayed as “VIP Rewards Credit” in participant accounts) and have no cash value. VIP Rewards are issued as 3% of the subtotal on qualifying retail purchases and are redeemable only to the extent provided in these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Eligibility.Program membership is available to U.S. and Canada residents 16 years of age or older. Program enrollment is limited to one membership per individual. PAP or UPAP, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to revoke any person’s membership eligibility at any time. U-Pull-And-Pay employees are not eligible for the program.
  3. Enrollment.Enrollment in the Program is free. To register, Program Participants must provide personal information, including name, address, phone number, email address or age. Participants are required to designate and verify a primary contact method for their account (email or text message) by clicking a link (verification token) sent to them during the registration process. Once this link is clicked, the participants account is “verified.” Participants must also setup online account access (username and password) in order access their account. Once a participant sets up the username and password and logs in to their account, the account is “active”. Participants are required to have Active, Verified VIP Club Memberships to receive all program benefits. Once enrolled, Program Participants will use their digital VIP Club Membership Card (a digital version of the loyalty program card with a barcode and VIPID associated with it) at the time of purchase to receive digital copies of their receipts, as well as to earn VIP Rewards on qualifying retail purchases. Participants may also provide their personal information at the time of purchase (such as name, phone number, email, or VIPID) if they do not have their digital VIP Club Membership Card.
  4. Opting Out of Promotional Messages. Program Participants may unsubscribe from email and messages by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any PAP or UPAP email. Participants may opt-out of text messages by replying “STOP” to any PAP or UPAP text message. PAP and UPAP send SMS text messages from various short codes for different programs Participants may opt-in to. Participants must opt-out of text messages from each channel separately to stop receiving text messages from all channels. Once a participant opts-out, a final text message is sent confirming the opt-out and no future messages are sent. Program Participants may also opt-out of the Program at any time by visiting a participating PAP or UPAP location. Participants are required to be subscribed to their preferred contact method in order to receive important account updates, promotional information, or to earn VIP Rewards. Participants may manage opt-in/opt-out preferences in the account management section by logging into their VIP Club Membership account online.
  5. Earning VIP Rewards.Program Participants earn VIP Rewards on qualifying purchases of used auto parts at participating PAP and UPAP locations*. VIP Rewards are issued as store credit equal to 3% (three percent) of the subtotal of retail used auto parts purchases (the price of the used auto parts prior to taxes or any additional fees being calculated). Any discount used towards a purchase will be applied prior to the VIP Reward calculation.
  6. VIP Rewards are not issued on the following purchases:

    • Applicable federal, state, or local taxes
    • Bulk Sale Items
    • Environmental fees
    • Exporters
    • Purchases paid using VIP Rewards
    • Resale Vehicles
    • Shipping or delivery charges
    • Service fees

    In the event of any VIP Rewards qualification dispute, PAP or UPAP store or retail managers will determine whether or not a purchase qualifies for VIP Rewards credit being issued. All PAP or UPAP manager decisions are final.

    In the event of the return of any product, service, or admission for which VIP Rewards were earned, the corresponding value of VIP Rewards will be deducted from the Program Participant’s account. Program Participants may track their VIP Rewards online (displayed as “VIP Rewards Credit” in the “Credits” section of a Participant’s VIP Club Membership account) or via receipts provided at the time of purchase (also available as digital receipt copies in the Participant’s VIP Club Membership account online).

    * For a list of participating Pull-A-Part locations, please visit https://www.pullapart.com/locations. For a list of participating U-Pull-&-Pay locations, please visit https://www.upullandpay.com/locations. U-Pull-&-Pay Indianapolis and U-Pull-&-Pay Louisville stores are independently owned and operated locations (not owned by Pull-A-Part, LLC) and are NOT part of the VIP Club Membership Program. For questions or issues related to these stores, please contact the store directly. PAP and UPAP are not affiliated with these stores.

  7. Redeeming VIP Rewards. VIP Rewards may be redeemed towards future retail purchases of used auto parts at participating PAP or UPAP locations. VIP Rewards may also be redeemed towards yard admission or applied towards the purchase of used vehicles (at participating PAP or UPAP locations that sell used cars). VIP Rewards may not be redeemed for any other type of purchase at PAP or UPAP at this time. VIP Rewards have no cash value and may only be used as store credit towards qualifying retail purchases, yard admission, or towards the purchase of used cars at participating locations. VIP Rewards do not expire and may be redeemed at anytime.
  8. Privacy Policy.Membership is subject to the terms in UPAP’s Privacy Policy. By enrolling in the Program, Program Participants authorize UPAP and its affiliate companies to access and share information about the Program Participant’s account as is necessary to administer, enforce, and fulfill the Program consistent with UPAP’s Privacy Policy and these Terms and Conditions.
  9. Amendments or Cancellation of the Program.PAP or UPAP reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions, including the requirements for earning or amount of VIP Rewards store credit issued through this program, without providing notice to Program Members. PAP or UPAP also reserves the right to cancel, amend, or discontinue the Program at any time without notice.
  10. Dispute Resolution.By enrolling in the Program and receiving the benefits therein, Program Participants agree to resolve any claim or dispute relating to the Program by binding arbitration. As such, by enrolling in the Program the Program Participant agrees to these Terms and Conditions and expressly waives the right to resolve any claim or dispute arising from the Program.
  11. Legal.These Terms and Conditions are governed by Georgia law. These Terms and Conditions and UPAP’s Privacy Policy constitute the entirety of the agreement between UPAP and its Participants and its benefits. Aides from UPAP’s Privacy Policy, no other document, representation or publication is intended to be incorporated into these Terms and Conditions. No person or entity is authorized to amend or alter these Terms and Conditions, except if such amendment or alteration is expressly approved in writing by a duly-appointed officer of UPAP or its parent corporation, Pull-A-Part, LLC. These Terms and Conditions will bind and inure to the benefit of each party’s successors and permitted assigns.