Parts Perks is Now The VIP Club

U-Pull-&-Pay is now a Pull-A-Part Company! And to put our new alliance into high gear, we’re tuning up our Parts Perks loyalty program to help you get more mileage from every trip to the yard with our all-new VIP Club. What’s this mean for you?

  • Parts Perks Members will automatically be upgraded to our new (still 100% free) VIP Club during the month of January. Members may continue to use Parts Perks until the VIP Club officially launches (you will be notified when your membership has been upgraded).
  • All current Parts Perks rewards points will be converted into VIP Rewards with no change in store credit value when you are upgraded.
  • VIP Club members will now receive additional loyalty program benefits which can be used at both U-Pull-&-Pay and Pull-A-Part stores nationwide.
    • 3% store credit on all purchases. Members will no longer accrue points.
    • $1 off admission each visit.
    • Digital Cards.

Stay tuned for more information as we get the VIP Club on the road. Once the new program starts to rollout on January 4th, you’ll be able to view more details on the VIP Club page for Parts Perks Members at

What is the VIP Club?

Parts Perks is now the VIP Club. All Parts Perks Members will be upgraded to the VIP Club throughout the month of January 2023, our new customer loyalty program for both U-Pull-&-Pay and Pull-A-Part customers (you can use your benefits at all our stores)*. Parts Perks Members need to activate their account in order to continue using loyalty program benefits. If you haven’t activated your VIP Club Membership yet, please visit the VIP Club Parts Perks page on the Pull-A-Part website here. If you don’t have a Parts Perks Membership and would like to join the VIP Club, you can sign-up for a new membership here.

* U-Pull-&-Pay’s Indianapolis store is an independently owned and operated location. You are not able to use VIP Club benefits at this store at this time. Customers in this market are able to use their VIP Club Membership at Pull-A-Part’s store in Indianapolis.