January 01, 2001

I never know what you might have from week to week or day to day, so I come in every time I have a chance.

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Home yard: Pull-A-Part Columbia is my home yard. I spend a good bit of time in Augusta, and if we can’t find something, we go to Pull-A-Part in Charlotte. I’ve been to one Pull-A-Part in Atlanta, but that was years ago.

Today’s project: I’m looking to see what kinda parts I need to buy. I have a number of projects in process. Today, I found a fender I needed, and a door. I’ll be coming back to get a motor from an Exploder — I mean, Explorer — I found one with really low miles on it.

Norman’s “OBS” Ford F-150 is super-clean — right down to the engine bay.

Customer since: Opening day

Favorite feature: I go to the website a good bit to check to see what’s on the yard. Primarily, me and my buddy are into the ‘88-’96 Ford trucks, Rangers and Fox Body Mustangs.

Favorite road: Any road that takes me anywhere out of town. I have spent many miles on I-20. Me and my wife went to Arizona on the first of the year. Two years ago, we went to California.

First DIY auto repair project: I was five years old. I was helping my daddy build a six-cylinder engine for a Chevrolet. I was bumping the pistons in it. Lawnmowers were my favorite thing to work on at that time. We never had to do without a lawnmower in my house, because always had at least four or five sitting in the yard. Still do!

Favorite car you’ve owned: ‘63 Nova SS Convertible. Serial number two.  I was living in North Carolina, found it in a yard, and bought it for $50. I was in the process of restoring it, but my wife got sick, so I traded the car for two-ray radios to stay in touch with my wife. If I had that car today, it’d be worth almost a quarter-million just because of the serial number.

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