January 01, 2001

“I used to come here all the time. Now that we go together, it’s more fun.”

Terri and Thomas run TNT Automotive, an independent repair shop in Prattville, AL that specializes in anything with an engine.

Terri and Thomas Wing, Prattville, AL – TNT Automotive

Home yard: Montgomery, AL

Customer since: Opening day

Favorite website feature: Thomas: If I’m looking for a car that’s hard to find, I’ll go online to search inventory to see if it’s on the yard. Sometimes, it saves me time if you don’t have the car I need. I like the email alerts — if you get a car coming in that I’m looking for, that’s pretty good.

Today’s project: Thomas: I’m trying to help my sister out with her Lincoln Town Car. Someone else tried to help, but they tore it all up — the car’s been sitting for two months, so I decided to fix it for her.

Thomas fixed a car that was down for two months. The cost? Around $15, plus tax and environmental fees.

Terri: We have a Ford Ranger. It was my dad’s, so that’s one truck I’m going to keep forever. Thomas promised me he’s going to fix it. I don’t care what he puts in it, I just don’t want it sitting there wasting.

I had a Porsche 944 a long time ago when I went to nursing school, but I let this guy have it, because he needed it… you know, to find a woman. (laughs)

But now, the good lord blessed me with another one. Thomas is going to fix it up. We have so many projects at one time though. Once he starts working on it, before you know it, we have another one. This is what we come for. You can’t find it online: Pull-A-Part.

First time you held a wrench: Thomas: I started working on a lawnmower, then a minibike, then a motorcycle, and then I worked up to semis and boats. If it runs…

Terri: Thomas can work on anything. That’s a gift. Not everyone can do that. I remember handing my dad screwdrivers when I was nine years old, just passing stuff. We were working on a ‘79 Subaru.

My son-in-law, Mario, goes to Pull-A-Part in Birmingham, and comes to this one in Montgomery every day he’s off. He loves Pull-A-Part more than I do. He buys cars and resells them, so he really loves this place.

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