January 01, 2001

I went to auto parts stores. They didn’t have it in stock. Go to a dealer? No, I’m not paying that price. I came to Pull-A-Part.

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Trina Mobley, Charlotte, NC

Home yard: Pull-A-Part Charlotte. I’ve never had to go to any other store. I’ve always found what I needed here. I’ve been coming here for two years.

Today’s project: I needed an engine coolant reservoir. The one that’s on my van seems to have a leak in it. It’s not holding fluid. I noticed it was empty, I went to put fluid in, and I saw it leaking out. Today, it’s a mother-daughter thing. She was all for it — “Let’s go!”

How I started DIY auto repair: Little minor stuff, I do myself. I can always put in transmission fluid, oil, windshield washer fluid… I can change my own tire. Power steering fluid or brake fluid, I do it all myself.

My dad and my brother pretty much do all the major mechanical stuff on my vehicle, and I watch them. I’ve come here for a starter. I’ve come here for seats for a van. I’ve come for a fuel pump. My dad actually came to get that for me, but I came with him.

Favorite car: It would have to be my first car, a Ford Festiva. I loved it! It was just me at the time. It was more than enough room — it was easy on gas, and it was easy maintenance.