Things To Know

Even though we keep things clean and simple around here, we get it­, you may have a few questions. Check out our topics below and some of our most frequently asked questions to get the information you’re looking for about pulling self-serve used auto parts.

How To Pull Like A Pro

Entrance Fee

Our entrance fee is $2.00-3.00 (depending on location) per person. Please be aware that customers must be 16 or older to enter the store area.


Wheelbarrows and engine hoists are available for free, but we do not sell, rent or supply any tools. So don't forget to bring your own.

Power Outlets

No power outlets are available, so bring hand or battery operated tools.

Lubricating Spray

A lubricating spray such as WD-40 can be helpful in loosening parts.


Many parts (brake assemblies, axles, etc.) have multiple attached components that must be paid for individually, so pull only the part you need.


A flashlight may be necessary to see into recessed areas of the cars.

Large Parts

Bring two or more people if you plan to pull any large parts.

Tough Clothing

Wear tough clothing that you don't mind getting dirty.