How do I Junk My Car for Cash — and Get the Most Cash for it?

A junk car is one where the repairs will cost more than the car is worth. These cars are usually no longer running, nor are they safe to drive. The thing is, your junk cars do not need to sit around taking up space and rusting away. You can get cash for your junk car. You might be wondering how to sell your junk car. It’s as easy as contacting Pull-A-Part. We will buy your junk car and we will even tow it away for free. While you can in some cases get more money for your junk car from places other than a junkyard like Pull-A-Part, we make it the easiest, the safest, and the most reliable way to sell your junk car.  If you want to explore how to junk your car for the most csh possible, we’ve provided you with some food for thought. 


First, you need to make sure your car is ready to junk. There are a few key factors to consider:

  • The Age of the Car (Typically over 10 years old)
  • Severe Internal Damage (missing integral parts like a transmission)
  • Severe Exterior Damage (Rusting or major collision damage)
  • Location of the Vehicle (If you’re car is in the way and needs to be removed but no longer runs)

Any vehicle that no longer runs, has salvage titles, or is too dangerous to drive is the perfect candidate for junking your car for cash. Generally, if you cannot find a buyer for the vehicle or is unsafe to drive, then you should consider seeing how you can start the process of how you can sell your junk car today.


Typically, when you want to sell any car, even a junk car, make sure you have your vehicle information on hand. This will speed up the process. You should know the car’s make, model, and year, and it is wise to have the driving history too. For example, if you are the only owner, you may know how many times the car was in the shop or if there were any accidents. While Pull-A-Part doesn’t care about the vehicle history, many other junk car buyers will want to know if you have the car title or not. In these cases, the more information you have about the car, the more money you can get. When you are trying to get more cash for your junk car, having this information can make the difference between a few more hundred, or a few more thousand dollars. 


Pull-A-Part is a reputable company to sell your junk car to because we are licensed, experienced and have built a reputation for excellence. You never want to work with amateurs in the field because they can end up low balling you on the car or charge you for the removal or towing. In some cases they may not process the right paperwork with the state and can do things to mess you up with the Tax Collector or even the DMV. You’ll never worry about that with us. You can always visit our junkyard to meet with our team, and we are here to answer all of your sell my junk car questions. A quick Google search will show you all of our glowing customer reviews. Our online presence is the ultimate proof of our track record. Set a standard for selling your junk car. If you want to be quick and efficient with a fair cash offer for your junk car, contact us. If you want to try to get more, stick with people and businesses with a verified reputation. 


After you decide to junk your car, make sure that you remove all of your personal items. Check your car’s trunk, backseats, and glove compartment. Make sure you look under and between your car seats too. After years in a car, you may end up finding everything from personal mementos and loose change to confidential documents. Once the car is turned over, those items could be lost if you do not do a thorough inspection of the car before the hand off.

If you customized the car at all, make sure to remove those items. You may have updated the stereo system or added unique rims to the wheels. If you have another car, you will want your starter motor and spare tire. Prepping for the removal means there are no surprises later.


Collect all of the vehicle’s paperwork. It helps if you have the title, which is proof that you own the car. Do not worry if you cannot find it – you can usually get a replacement from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Take some time to remove the license plates too. Most states require that you remove the places and return them. Call your insurance company to make sure the policy is canceled too. If you prepaid, you can get a refund, and you want to make sure any recurring payments are stopped.


When in doubt, talk to a mechanic or automotive expert. They can explain what it would cost to repair the vehicle, or if it is even possible, and they will know if the car is a good fit to junk. Experts will also remind you about the items that can be removed and used on your other vehicles. They may even offer to buy some of the accessories or additional items like a usable battery.

You can sell junk my car for cash at a Pull-A-Part junkyard near you, today. We love to take vehicles off your hands because your junker is useful to our other customers, local mechanics looking for spare parts and automotive enthusiasts working on a project. We also recycle a lot of the metal, which is then recycled by manufacturers to make new models. We are experts in the junk car world. Sell us your junk car. Get cash, and help your vehicle be recycled and reused. 

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