3 Signs That Your Exhaust System Is Failing

Your exhaust system is a critical component of your motor vehicle, and when any aspect of this system begins malfunctioning, it can wreak havoc on the rest of your vehicle. If you’ve noticed any strange sounds or smells from your car lately, you’re likely on a search to find the source of these problems. If your exhaust system is failing, there are 3 common issues to look out for, and today, the experts at U Pull & Pay are breaking down what to watch for and the next steps for tackling each of these problems. 

What Does an Exhaust System Do?

Your vehicle’s exhaust system takes your engine’s waste and safely emits those gasses at the rear of your vehicle. That waste comes out as carbon dioxide gas and travels from your engine to your exhaust manifold, and then through your exhaust pipes. If any section of this process develops a crack, loses its seal, or gets damaged from road debris, that dangerous gas could be leaking directly into your vehicle’s cabin, posing health and safety risks to you and your passengers.


Noticing some issues with your motor vehicle lately? Here are a few signs your exhaust system may be failing:


Loud Engine Noise

One of the most noticeable signs that your exhaust system is starting to fail is if you start to hear louder than normal engine noises. These loud engine noises are generally caused by a faulty exhaust manifold and will sound like loud hissing or tapping sounds. Hissing sounds mean that your exhaust manifold has lost its seal and that carbon dioxide is slowly leaking into your car. Tapping sounds, on the other hand, could mean a wide variety of things, from a full disconnect of your exhaust manifold, to cracks or breaks in your manifold or engine. These noises will be even louder on cold mornings when you start your car or accelerate.


Decreased Power and Fuel-Efficiency

A malfunctioning exhaust system will cause your engine to not only lose power but to lose fuel efficiency as well. A break in your exhaust system will cause the carbon dioxide and all of the residue that comes with it to build up in your engine. This will cause the inner workings of your engine to become clogged with CO2 buildup and drastically reduce your engine’s power, ability to accelerate, and decrease your fuel efficiency. If you notice any decrease in power or fuel-efficiency, you need to check your exhaust manifold and exhaust pipes as soon as possible to avoid potentially costly repairs.


Burning Smell

If your exhaust manifold has failed, extremely hot exhaust fumes will leak into your engine bay and cause a dangerous amount of heat to reach sensitive engine parts. This heat will cause your vehicle’s wiring and plastic components to start to melt or even catch fire. Anytime you smell a burning smell coming from your vehicle, stop driving and check your engine. This smell could be caused by a break in your exhaust system or an oil leak, both of which could cause a massive fire.


Gas Smell

If you smell gas while you are driving, you could have a break in your exhaust below the cab of your car. The hot fumes from your exhaust will seep out of any break and rise up into your car. Those fumes will usually smell like gas or burnt gas. Carbon dioxide is extremely dangerous, so if you smell any of these fumes coming into your car stop driving and inspect your exhaust system as soon as possible.


How to Replace Your Exhaust System

Once you’ve identified what is wrong with your exhaust system, the next step will be to replace the part or parts to prevent any further damage to your vehicle. Car repairs can quickly add up to costly investments, leaving you tempted to stretch the problem for as long as possible. This, however, only does more harm than good in the end. If you’re searching for a part to get your exhaust system back up and running properly, opting for used car parts can be an excellent alternative to the hassle that comes with brand-new replacement parts.

Self-service used auto parts yards, or pull-it-yourself junkyards, are a great way to save some cash while finding OEM car parts. While exhaust system failure can be an annoyance with unnecessary rattling and a foul odor that can make driving unpleasant, these also pose health and safety risks. Check with your local used auto parts dealer to see if there are cars that match your own make and model in stock. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to save dollars that can be spent elsewhere.

Having problems with your car that don’t sound like any of the issues above? Check out our blog for articles, how-to guides, and more for a variety of common car problems including tips on how to address these issues.


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