A Closer Look at the Benefits of Salvage Cars

Salvage Title Cars: Hidden Gems Waiting to Be Discovered

What does salvage title mean? Salvage title cars are often defined in terms of insurance companies. When a car has been totaled or the repair cost exceeds the value of the car, it is deemed “salvage.” Vehicles are given salvage titles to reflect this value and can be difficult to insure or resell in the future. When most people hear this, they dismiss salvage cars and salvage yards as worthless or a waste of time, but this is far from reality! While salvage cars may not be suitable for driving off of the junkyard lot, there is still plenty of value left in a vehicle after it has been declared “salvage.” At U-Pull-&-Pay, we work with people every day to find the value in salvage cars, and today, we’re unpacking the benefits of salvage title cars and why you shouldn’t write them off just yet.

Salvage Title Cars Have Original Parts

Just because a vehicle is totaled, doesn’t mean it is a total loss when it comes to value. Cars can be totaled for a variety of reasons, including flood damage, hail and thunderstorm damage, and wrecks. When the excessive need for repairs outweighs the value of the car, it is given a salvage title. Even if salvage title cars cannot be driven on the road, this doesn’t mean that the insides of the vehicle are beyond use. Salvage cars can be incredibly valuable when it comes to repairing older or antique vehicles. If you are a hobbyist and have a love for a particular make and model of a beloved specialty car, you know just how exciting it can be to find the perfect parts for a repair, even if you have to drive a long distance to a salvage yard to get them. While these car parts may not be serving the salvage car well, they can certainly be put to use in other vehicles that still have life in them.

Salvage Title Cars Promote Sustainability

Using what is already available out in the world is one of the core practices of sustainability. Rather than letting useful car parts go to waste, self-serve used auto parts stores and salvage yards help minimize vehicles laying to waste out in the world and put them to good use. Used auto parts from junk cars can extend the life of the car you currently drive or hope to get into driving shape one day, letting you get the most out of what you already own without having to spend money on a newly manufactured vehicle. Similarly, removing junk cars from your property eliminates safety hazards that can affect the well-being of both you, your family, and nearby wildlife if you live in or near a wooded area.

Salvage Title Cars Have Monetary Value

Salvage cars have value not only for those who need used auto parts, but for those who have junk cars lying around or taking up space on their property. Selling your junk car to a salvage yard is an easy way to make some spare cash while also contributing to a culture of car enthusiasts and hobbyists. Most companies will even tow your junk car off of your property and pay you on the spot, handling the entire process of selling your old car without you ever having to step foot in a junkyard.


Whether you have an old junk car lying around your property or want to learn more about the benefits of salvage title cars, our friendly team of car experts here at U-Pull-&-Pay are here to help. Receive an instant quote for your junk car today. Or, if you’re a DIYer looking for a part to finish your current vehicle maintenance project, check out our inventory at your nearest U-Pull-&-Pay self-service junkyard. Have questions for our team? Contact us to chat with one of our experts.

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