How To Sell Your Junk Car for Cash

When a car or truck has served us well, sometimes it can be difficult to part with. For some people, junk cars hold a special place in their life. It can be your weekend project you’re excited to show to the world, or a model rarely seen on the road anymore. But oftentimes, junk cars no longer serve our best interests. Whether it’s your old clunker from high school you’re still trying to get running again or a vehicle that just requires too many repairs, junking your car may be worth considering. 

By definition, a junk car is any vehicle that can’t operate safely on the road. But junk cars can have a variety of considerations besides being inoperable. They can be vehicles that are too expensive to fix, not worth much in value, impossible to find parts for, missing titles, or severely damaged past the point of repair. No matter what condition your junk car is in, you have a few options If you’re looking to free yourself of your junk car.


Sell Your Junk Car for Cash at U Pull & Pay

U Pull & Pay not only offers cash for any junk car, but we also re-purpose your vehicle for sustainability. Unlike other junk-your-car companies, U Pull & Pay covers every environmental and physical barrier that auto salvage typically comes with. We offer up to $1,000 for any junk car and take care of the entire process for you. Occupying 12 major cities across the country, discover if we are located in your community.


Why U Pull & Pay Is Environmentally Friendly

If you aim to be environmentally friendly, junking your car at traditional auto salvages can bring some guilt. When your vehicle is processed at a typical scrap yard, most of the parts end up in landfills or are burned, creating harmful pollution for our environment and community. When you choose to sell your junk car for cash at U Pull & Pay, you can rest easy knowing you chose an environmentally friendly company. 

We promote sustainability and environmentally friendly practices by offering vehicle parts and components to other customers. If those customers are searching for a part that matches your vehicle, they will simply pull that part, pay for it, and take it home, where it will live in another vehicle. Therefore, we eliminate landfill waste while providing affordable and, at times, rare parts for other customers’ prized vehicles. While we can’t repurpose one hundred percent of every vehicle, we aim to remain as environmentally conscious as possible.


How U Pull & Pay Takes Care of The Process for You

Not only do we offer you up to $1,000 cash for your junk car, but we also make the process simple for you. In just four easy steps, your junk car will go from hassle to cash in your hand. 
  1. Tell Us About Your Vehicle – We ask you a few easy questions about your vehicle. Simply list the make, model, and year of your vehicle, along with if you have the title in hand. 
  2. Receive Your Vehicle’s Offer – For most makes and models, we offer you an instant, free quote with no obligation. Simply answer a few questions and discover what your vehicle is worth.
  3. Free Towing – If you decide to sell your junk car for cash to U Pull & Pay, we’ll even come tow your vehicle from your property for you. We eliminate the hassle and worry of selling a non-running vehicle.
  4. Collect Your Money – Now that you’ve sold your junk car, collect your hard-earned money for it. You’re free of your clunker and we have the opportunity to provide other customers with essential parts for their cars.

U Pull & Pay offers easy solutions to your metal headaches by providing ease of the process, environmentally friendly options, and excellent cash offers. We buy any vehicle in any condition, even without a title. Contact us today to get your free quote and discover why U Pull & Pay is the superior junk your car solution. 

Sell Your Junk Car to a Scrap Yard

In any given city, there are always at least a few scrap yards to choose from. Although those yards typically also accept almost any vehicle and vehicles without titles, they usually don’t offer a few points of interest U Pull & Pay occupies. As most of us know, scrap yards are oftentimes not environmentally friendly. As we discussed above, they often dispose of car parts in landfills or burn non-useful pieces, adding to overall waste and pollution in the air. 

Additionally, most scrap yards do not tow your vehicle for you, which can become costly when trying to get the best price for your car. Finally, although scrap yards may give you some cash for your vehicle, it is often only as much as the metal is worth, shorting you hundreds of dollars of valuable parts. 


Before You Sell, Check Your Vehicle

At one point in time, you most likely drove your junk car around, carrying a variety of items in it. Before you sell your junk car for cash, make sure the vehicle is free of personal or important items, such as wallets, paperwork, money, etc. Check the vehicle and trunk for any items you don’t want to lose. Once the vehicle is sold and turned over, there are no guarantees we can recover your missing or forgotten items. 


Get Started with U Pull & Pay

Don’t spend countless hours parting off your vehicle and trying to find a tow truck. We’ve got you covered. Simply get a free quote from us for your junk car and we will take care of the rest. Although we are located in 12 major cities, we are always happy to service surrounding areas. Locate your nearest U Pull & Pay and get cash for your junk car. 

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